Chapter Books for 5-6 year olds

My daughter has loved books from a very young age. Over the past year we have been exploring lots of chapter books to find some which are the correct level for her. She is not able to read the books herself, but is beyond story books. At first she found books which did not have pictures in them hard to follow. So I did a lot of searching to find ones which would grip her and appeal to her. Below I will share our journey.

Roald Dahl

We started off with some classic Roald Dahl books, such as Esio Trot, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Twits. We opted to use the larger books as these were similar to the style of book that she was used to and had larger illustrations. This worked really well and she loved them. We then moved on to George’s Marvellous Medicine, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it’s sequel. Click on the links to buy the books.

Rabbit and Bear

These aren’t chapter books, but they were a good stepping stone for us towards them. My daughter absolutely loved these, they have quite a few parts in them which seem to be hilarious to her! They are also educational, they go through the seasons and contain some interesting fact, such as rabbits eat their own poo! Click on the links to buy the books.

Usborne – Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns

My daughter loves all things horse, pony or unicorn based. So I looked for chapter books which would interest her. I came across the Usborne series Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns. These stories are lovely, the feature a girl who is able to travel to a fairy pony or unicorn world. What I loved about the books what that they had a picture every couple of pages. This really helped my daughter to enjoy chapter books and we have read these books numerous times. What I also love about these books is that soon my daughter will be able to read these herself, so they can stay on her book shelf for a long time. Click on the links to buy the books.

Magic Ballerina

My daughter is also very interested in Ballet and had been given the first book of this series for her Christmas. She loved it and wanted to read more of them. So we worked our way through all the books during lockdown. I think that this is a bargain – 22 books are included. Click on the links to buy the books.

My Secret Unicorn

This was a series which I stumbled upon, but my daughter just loved. The story’s contain conundrums which children might face and gave them suggestions as how to rectify them. There is also a sequel to My Secret Unicorn called Unicorn School, which my daughter will receive for her birthday this year. Click on the links to buy the books.

Usborne – Tanglewood Series

I felt that we were reading a lot of “girly” books and really wanted to branch into ones which were more diverse, my daughter wasn’t quite so keen! But I found the Tanglewood Series by Usborne and this proved very popular as she is also very interested in animals. These books follow a family that have bought a zoo and are revitalising it. I highly recommend them. Click on the links to buy the books.

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