Activities to develop Fine Motor Skills

Preparing your child for writing

When children start School it is important that they have good fine motor skills. This is something that can be easily worked on from when your child starts to eat solid food. From 6 months onwards, you are helping to prepare them for holding a pencil correctly.

Make sure that you let them have finger food from 6 months onwards, this will help them to develop their pincer grip. The perfect foods for this are small ones such as raisins and blueberries. Encouraging your child to hold the spoon themselves will also help to develop their muscle strength needed to hold a pencil.


This is a wonderful resource to help your child to develop their fine motor skills. They will be able to try rolling, like making a sausage or rolling it between their fingers to make peas. Playdough scissors are also a brilliant resource. This is the playdough pack which I have for my children that includes the scissors. On my Instagram you can see several of the playdough set ups which I have made for my children. Making food is the most popular one in my house! Click on the link to purchase.

Little Munchkins Sea Breeze Playdough


Another way to help your child to develop their pincer grip is by threading. There are lots of different threading activities available. Our favourite is the yellow door threading stones. Click on the links to purchase.


I mentioned scissors in the section about playdough, but scissor skills are vitally important. There are many different scissors that you can get that your child can use before they are actually able to cut paper. Here are a few of my favourites. Click on the links to purchase.


Both my children were given buckle toys and these have proved invaluable for helping develop their fine motor skills. They have loved opening and closing the buckles. I was worried when we first got them that they would then be able to undo the buckles on their car seats, but thankfully those are tricky even for adults! Click on the links to purchase.

To see more ideas, check out this video

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