Autumn Activities for Children

One of my favourite seasons. We are so fortunate to live in a location where we have beaches and forests that we can visit. So far we have been to a few local areas and collected horse chestnuts, as well as spending some time at the beach whilst it is still dry and not too windy! I am going to share with you some of the activities which I have been doing with my children. I love to accompany an activity with a book. If you click on the image of the book, it will take you to amazon, where you can purchase them.

Leaf Man

This was a new purchase for me this year. It is a lovely story which talks about the leaves journey. On each page it shows transient art of the leaf made into what mentioned on the page, for example a rabbit or a duck. We loved making our own transient art from leaves and conkers which we had collected.

The Squirrels who squabbled

This is a brilliant story which helps to teach children about sharing. It is about two squirrel’s who both want the same nut and fight over it. We made our own squirrels using dried Autumn leaves to make their bushy tails. Click on the book to buy it.


  • Set up the animals which are in the story – 2 squirrels, bear and owl, as well as one cone. Let the children reinact the story.
  • Let the children have a new object and share this.
  • Make a squirrel craft.
  • Make something with the cone.

The Woodland Book

I love this book so much. It provides so much information that covers all seasons. We have used it to look at animal prints, trees, flowers and animals that live in the woodland. Click on the book to buy it.

  • Collect leaves – identify them.
  • Leaf rubbings.
  • Paint rainbows on leaves and make something with them.
  • Match the leaves to the books.

Slow Down

Once you look at this book it is very difficult to put it down again. It is simply stunning. The illustrations are stunning. It covers information for over 20 natural experiences, with each one shown over 2 pages. Click on the link to buy the book.

  • Make a rainbow, chalk, paint, pens, loose parts
  • Spot rainbows i

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