Top 10 toys for Christmas 2020

Is anyone else’s child asking about Christmas gifts? Both of mine are! In fact they have long lists, despite the fact that they don’t watch adverts on TV so are really not exposed to consumerism. I am going to share what my top 10 toys are for this year.

1. Ride on unicorn

My daughter has wanted this toy for at least a year. It looks brilliant. It works by the child sitting on the seat, then powering the horse/unicorn by moving up and down. They can also turn the horse/unicorn by moving the handles in the direction they want to go. It can be used indoors or outdoors, however it is advised not to go where there are slopes. Adult supervision is also advised at all times. Click on the image to go direct to the shop.

2. Botley

This is top of my list for my 6 year old daughter. I think we all know that our children are going to live in a technology rich world and it is important that we prepare them for this. The best way I feel to do this is through helping them to learn more about coding. We have a few interactive coding toys, but I think that this is needed as the next step for my daughter’s learning. Click on the link to purchase.

3. Barbie 3 in 1 Campervan

I am told by my friends that this is their daughter’s top choice for their Christmas present this year. It is a campervan which can transform into 3 vehicles as well as 5 living spaces.

4. Ride on Fire Engine

This is top of my list for my 2 year old son. He is obsessed with putting out fires and loves role playing this. He has a car that he uses as his fire engine, but I think that he would love this, especially when it actually sprays water!

5. Codepillar

This is the perfect toy to introduce your child to coding from a young age. It is interactive, easy to use and at present it is on offer! Each of the segments can be taken out and replaced to a sequence that the child desires.

6. Open ended toys – Grimms

Open ended toys feature a lot in my play set ups for my children. What I love about them is that they can be used to create whatever the child’s mind would like it to. Ours have been used as the look out from paw patrol, a castle, a treehouse, the underground for various animals, a hospital and a home. I love the rainbow, the semi circles and the people.

7. Wooden Peppa Pig Toys

This is a new product and it is very welcome in our house. My 2 year old loves Peppa, so this is perfect for him. Click on the links to purchase.

8. Lego

You can’t go wrong with Lego. Both my children love building, although do become frustrated when it doesn’t stay together! They are both young and I think that this will come with time.

9. Diddy Cars

My eldest loves her little tikes car, that has now been passed on to her brother. She is too tall to really drive it comfortably now, but she loves playing in it. She has a bike, but I am wondering if something like this will be the happy medium for her! Click on the images to explore more.

10. Schleich Figures

We have a few of these already, mostly horses and unicorns, which my children love. My daughter has asked for a few more. Click on the links to explore more.

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