COVID Friendly Birthday Party

My daughter’s birthday isn’t until December, however I don’t see us being allowed to have any sort of party for her. As it is the October holiday soon and the weather is still sort of reasonable, I have decided to invite 5 of her friends around for a COVID friendly Birthday Party in our garden. Here are some of the games and activities which we will be doing.


I have never used one of these at a birthday party before, but decided that this would be a safe option for the children.

Potion Making

As it will be the start of October, I decided to give the party a Hallowe’en theme. We have a gorgeous mud kitchen that is used a lot when friends come to play, so I am going to set up some potion making activities for the children.

Pass the Parcel

I really don’t think we will be able to play this the traditional way. So what I have decided to do is have the parcel in one place, with a pot of sweets and the children have to move places, I guess similar to musical chairs. Each child will have a spot to stand on, the parcel will also be on a spot. The children will move from spot to spot (standing) when the music stops the child who is at the same spot as the parcel will take a sweet from the pot. When all the sweets are gone, the child who is at the same spot as the parcel will get to open it.


I always have a craft activity for the children to do at a birthday party. They always seem to love it and it just offers a little bit of calm. As the party is unicorn themed, I’ve gone for unicorn crafts. Baker ross do a lovely Hallowe’en unicorn one. I have also got some masks for the children to make as well. I have ordered some suncatchers will be put into the party bags.


Usually we have the typical party food, however this year it is going to be very simple pre-packaged food that will ensure that no child is touching another’s food. So we will be having crisps, cartons of juice and biscuits! I will also put out a selection of fruit for the children to choose from, such as bananas, boxes of raisins and apples.

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