Pre-Writing Skills

Before your child can learn to write letters and words, they need to be able to form some pre-writing lines and shapes.

At approximately age 2, they should be able to draw a vertical line, moving to a horizontal lines at 2 and a half. A circle is then the next shape that they should be able to form. Close to 4 years old they should be able to form a cross, moving on to forming a square. Once they have mastered this they should then be able to form horizontal lines, working towards a cross and then a triangle.

Patterns to follow

There are many different resources that you can use to find the patterns that you can use with the children. My favourite is the feely write pre-writing stones from yellow door. Click on the link below to purchase them.

Feels-Write Letter Stones

How to help develop Pre-Writing Skills

It is important not to jump straight into using pens and pencils. There are lots of different mediums which can be used.

Use Stickers to follow the lines
Use laces to follow the patterns
Create scratch art with paint sticks


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