How to help your child use the correct pencil grip

Are you worried about your child holding their pencil the correct way? Do you want to know how to help them hold their pencil correctly? Do you want to help prepare your child for starting School? Don’t worry! I have found the perfect solution. I recently discovered these amazing cards from Learn Well Eduction. They […]

Pre-Writing Skills

Before your child can learn to write letters and words, they need to be able to form some pre-writing lines and shapes. At approximately age 2, they should be able to draw a vertical line, moving to a horizontal lines at 2 and a half. A circle is then the next shape that they should […]

COVID Friendly Birthday Party

My daughter’s birthday isn’t until December, however I don’t see us being allowed to have any sort of party for her. As it is the October holiday soon and the weather is still sort of reasonable, I have decided to invite 5 of her friends around for a COVID friendly Birthday Party in our garden. […]

Top 10 toys for Christmas 2020

Is anyone else’s child asking about Christmas gifts? Both of mine are! In fact they have long lists, despite the fact that they don’t watch adverts on TV so are really not exposed to consumerism. I am going to share what my top 10 toys are for this year. 1. Ride on unicorn My daughter […]


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